Watch: GBADs & DECIDE Seminar Series #2

The burden of endemic respiratory disease in pigs: developing farm-level tools to monitor pig health and improve disease control” – is the title of the second edition of the GBADs and DECIDE seminar series hosted by Marloes Boeters (UU) and Dr. Fernanda Dórea; which took place on Wednesday, May 17, 2023. Watch the recording below: 

With the common goal of developing decision-support tools to improve pig health management, Dr. Fernanda Dórea (SVA) and Marloes Boeters (UU) explored in this session how estimates of the economic burden of disease could improve the monitoring of pig health and disease control.

Dr. Fernanda Dórea and colleagues from the Swedish National Veterinary Institute have developed a tool for the monitoring of pig health and production performance using farm-level production data. In this session she shares which indicators appear most informative regarding the occurrence of diseases, and raise the question whether economic indicators could further improve the monitoring tool. Marloes Boeters from Utrecht University elaborates on her ongoing work on the economic burden of endemic respiratory and gastro-intestinal diseases in pigs and discusses recent findings from a systematic review on the economic impact of the porcine respiratory disease complex.