From June 13-15, the DECIDE consortium attended this year’s ISESSAH conference in Helsinki, Finland.

Last week, members of the DECIDE consortium attended the 2023 International ISESSAH Conference held in Helsinki, Finland from 13-15 June. Under the theme “Understanding stakeholder behaviour and socio-economic implications of practices and policies of animal health,” the conference provided a valuable platform for exchanging knowledge and insights in this critical field.

Members of the DECIDE consortium shared their latest research in a number of interesting presentations: 

  • “Multiple burden framework for dairy cattle diseases” presented by Wilma Steeneveld (UU). 
  • “Assessing the economic consequence of interventions for controlling salmon lice using a stochastic partial budgeting approach” presented by Cecilie S. Walde (NVI) 
  • “The economic burden of the porcine respiratory disease complex and related interventions – A systematic review” presented by Marloes Boeters (UU).

The ISESSAH Conference provided an excellent platform for networking and collaboration, allowing the DECIDE consortium to connect with experts from various disciplines and organisations. Productive discussions took place, facilitating the exchange of ideas and the exploration of potential collaborations to further enhance the impact of our research. Thank you to all speakers!