Developing data-driven decision support tools

DECIDE will focus on the three most important meat-producing terrestrial species (pigs, poultry and cattle) and the most important aquatic species family, salmonids. The main aim of DECIDE is to develop and evaluate data-driven decision support tools that will allow stakeholders in animal health and welfare management to take improved decisions on controlling animal diseases. When disease syndromes are noted, farmers, veterinarians or other animal health managers need to decide on actions to prevent further spread, diagnose, treat, vaccinate, or take preventive actions for the next round of production.

The key components of such a decision support consist of:

  1. A clear view on the stakeholder needs, barriers and drivers 
  2. Availability of and access to relevant data 
  3. Early warning systems that can detect signals of potential disease emergence or spread 
  4. A set of potential control measures, along with associated costs 
  5. An understanding of the disease burden in terms of economic and welfare impact