Watch: GBADs & DECIDE Seminar Series #3

“Estimations of greenhouse gasses emissions and the welfare burden of animal diseases: Exploring sustainability in livestock production” – is the title of the third edition of the GBADs and DECIDE seminar series hosted by Dr. Beatriz Garcia Morante (IRTA) Armando Rivera Moncada (Université libre de Bruxelles) which took place on Tuesday, September, 2023.  

Armando Rivera Moncada (Université libre de Bruxelles), started the talk by introducing ‘Estimations of greenhouse gasses emissions’ facilitating a lively discussion after the presentations. After this first part, DECIDE member Beatriz Garcia Morante (IRTA) presented on the ‘welfare burden of animal diseases’ which supported the linkages between the two presentations. With over 50 attendees joining the presentations, it was great to continue the series with a interesting discussion on the topic at the end of the sessions.