The third DECIDE (online) General Assembly meeting

Last week, the DECIDE consortium kicked off the new year by holding the third DECIDE (online) General Assembly. The meeting followed a two-tier approach, structuring the DECIDE progress based on the work packages on the one hand, and on the different data groups / pilot implementations on the other. This allowed all project partners to discuss the DECIDE project in all its aspects, filling the two-day meeting with  enriching scientific discussions, including valuable stakeholder insights. See the agenda below: 


Welcome and overall project status
Gerdien van Schaik (UU)

WP 7 – Project organisation and administration
Johannes Ripperger (accelCH)

Salmon pilot implementations

Britt Bang Jensen (NVI), Annette Boerlage (SRUC), Victor de Oliveira (NVI)

Pig  pilot implementations

Joaquim Segales (IRTA), Beatriz Garcia Morante (IRTA), Lucía Dieste (GD), David Graham (AHI), Jenny Frössling (SVA), Maria Costa (SRUC)

Cattle pilot implementations

Bart Pardon (UGent), Jade Bokma (UGent), Rozan van Rossum (LELY), Gema Vidal (SVA), Baptiste Sorin (INRAE), Béatrice Mounaix (IDELE), Carole Tocze (IDELE)

Poultry pilot implementations

Sjaak de Wit (UU/GD), Yara Slegers (UU), Marcín Smialek (SLW), Camille Delavenne (AUSVET)


WP 1 – Data identification, characterisation and acquisition 

Miel Hostens (UGent), Céline Faverjon (AUSVET) 

WP 2 – Methods for data analysis and modelling

Anders Kristensen (UCPH), Dan Jansen (UCPH), Pauline Ezanno (INRAE), Carolina Merca (UCPH)

WP 3 – Integration of data tools in disease control programs

Jenny Frössling (SVA)
Lena Stengärde (Växa) – (invited guest speaker)

WP 4 – Multidimensional burden of disease metric
and prioritisation of interventions

Wilma Steeneveld (UU), Jonathan Rushton (UoL), Marloes Boeters (UU), Beatriz García-Morante (IRTA), Cecilie Walde (NVI), Will Gilbert (UoL)

WP 5 – Implementation and behavioural strategies
for animal disease management

Angela Bearth (ETHZ), Xiao Zhou (ETHZ), Charlotte Doidge (UoN), Jasmeet Kaler (UoN)

WP 6 – Communication activities and dissemination
and exploitation of results

Jamuna Siehler (accelCH) 

Final discussion and wrap-up 
Gerdien van Schaik (UU) 

Thank you to all DECIDE consortium members for making this third General Assembly a valuable and succesful event.

The next general assembly will take place in June 2023 in Copenhagen.