Collecting stakeholder perspectives on animal health and welfare (Webinar)

“Collecting stakeholder perspectives on animal health and welfare: Needs and challenges related to data use analysis visualisations and sharing” – is the title of the VPHI-webinar hosted by Dr. Angela Bearth (ETHZ) next week, Tuesday 15 November 2022. No registration needed.

How do the social sciences and veterinary sciences intersect? What methodological approaches are applied when interacting with different stakeholder groups? And how are these evaluated? 

Dr. Angela Bearth is, a senior researcher at the consumer behaviour group of the ETH Zurich – and the DECIDE WP5 lead. The overall objective of WP5 is to determine the stakeholders’ drivers, barriers and willingness to share data and/or to implement and use data-driven decision tools for animal disease and animal welfare management. In the VPHI-Webinar hosted coming Tuesday, 15 November 2022 at 14:00 (CET), Angela Bearth will share the learnings of her work in WP5 during the first DECIDE project year. With a focus on poultry and salmon, she will be presenting first insights into stakeholder’s use of data for decision making making as well as general methods of stakeholder engagement – living labs, focus group interviews and surveys. All within the overall framework: How do we make use of social science approaches for animal health and veterinary science?