About us: 

SVA (National Veterinary Institute, Sweden) department of epidemiology and disease control, section for epidemiological methods.

We are a team with expertise in a wide range of methods in analytical epidemiology and cutting-edge expertise in the application of these in a disease surveillance context. Our focus is epidemiological analysis and tools that help us understand animal health data. Our team consists of employees from different countries and communication within the group is primarily in English. We have a large national and international network and are responsible for epidemiological assessments and reporting in animal health surveillance, preparedness, and outbreak prevention/control.

About the role: 

You will work with ongoing disease surveillance programmes, current disease outbreak data and research and development in these areas. The tasks will mainly consist of data management, modelling, statistical or epidemiological analysis of animal health data, communication with stakeholders, and collaboration with data owners and users. You will both participate in teams that collaboratively solve problems or complete projects as well as coordinate and complete tasks and projects more independently. Research is part of our mission, and you are expected to contribute to ongoing studies and take initiative to new research proposals. You will be involved in both national and international work tasks and projects, such as the EU-project DECIDE (

About you:  

You must have a PhD and solid experience and knowledge in quantitative epidemiology and a basic education in veterinary medicine, medicine or similar. You also need to have experience from different types of epidemiological methods, in particular syndromic surveillance, machine learning, modelling and spatial analysis. As part of this, it is of importance that you have a strong and proven competence in the R programming language, preferably also R Shiny.

We value good interpersonal skills and are looking for someone who likes to work in a group and have strong social competence and ability to cooperate and have a fruitful dialogue with our external stakeholders within the industry. Flexibility is also important as our work can be demanding and require you to adapt to new and changing tasks in the case of a disease outbreak. This requires a driven, responsible and quality conscious individual. You need to be able to express yourself well in English, both orally and written. To be able to understand and speak Swedish (alternatively Norwegian or Danish) is considered an additional asset. We will accommodate the position to how the successful applicant can complement and strengthen other employees at the department.


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