The overall goal for the salmon group in the DECIDE project is to develop a tool (website with dashboard map) that automatically combines the open source databases from Scotland, Norway and possibly Ireland. This dashboard map will show the salmon-producing regions of the participating countries linked to production and disease. The dashboard will show the monthly risk of disease in different regions based on models developed in WP2 and WP3, and show for instance the average monthly lice numbers, and known diseases present based on the open data sources, and above normal mortality (for the time of year and region). Thus, it will serve as an early warning system for other regions, and maybe countries farming salmonids in the North-Atlantic Ocean. The rationale for this is the open contact between farms in different countries, because of water currents, boat traffic and trination operating farming companies.



Investigate possibility of collecting mortality data for salmonids

Model baseline mortality (i.e. using a state-space model) 

Develop a framework for systematic surveillance using the data and model(s)

Test the frameworks ability to detect disease or health issues in salmonids 

Develop prototype dashboard describing mortality 

Investigate stakeholder opinions on the dashboard (Feedback loop 1

Refine dashboard 

Investigate stakeholder opinions on refined dashboard (Feedback loop 2)  

Dashboard launch